Yoshi’s Challenge

It’s time for our tongue-tacular little buddy to shine – the Yoshi challenge! That’s right, the latest active challenge is all about Mario’s dinosaur buddy who might actually be his father.

Once you’ve completed a challenge, post proof of your work in the #clubhouse channel on our community Discord.

This Yoshi-centric challenge will run from now until the clock strikes midnight on Saturday, December 5th, 2020. Time remaining:

As always, enjoy, and have fun!

Here are your available challenges:

Yoshi’s Eggcellence

25 Credits

Beat any game in the Yoshi series.

Melon Party

25 Credits

Collect all the honeydew melons in each level of Yoshi’s Story.

Weed Eater

50 Credits

Beat the World 3 boss of Yoshi’s Island before the battle starts.

Yoshi’s Flowshi

25 Credits

Play one of each mode in Yoshi’s Touch-N-Go or Yoshi Topsy Turvy.

Yoshi Craft

25 Credits

Complete Yoshi’s Crafted World.

Out with the old Yoshi

25 Credits

Complete Yoshi’s New Island.

♫~The Asshole~♫

25 Credits

Complete all stages of Yoshi’s Story regularly.

Dual Yoshi

25 Credits

Clear every level of Yoshi’s Island DS.

Yobby’s Lagoon Legend

75 Credits

Clear every level of Yoshi’s Island with 100 points.

Touched Fuzzy, Got Busy

100 Credits

Complete Yoshi’s Wooly World with all Flowers, Wonder Wools and Stamp Patches.

Completed challenges: